Move Beyond The Grid


How will “Move Beyond the Grid” work once we reach our 3 Million Dollar goal?


If a Mississippi resident is interested in transitioning their home into a more sustainable and lower cost dwelling, then they will complete our form indicating that they fall within the IRS tax brackets of being “Low” or “Middle” income residents. Proof of 2 recent pay stubs are required to complete the form.

Once we receive that information, we will contact one of the Solar installation companies for Mississippi. They will do the assessment of the home. Once approved for Solar, then we (Move Beyond the Grid) will pay the entire cost for the conversion.

At the same time we will replace the appliances and windows with Energy Efficient ones if needed.

We are also available to help establish a Food Garden and/or Water system if someone is interested.

For now, we are still in the process of Fundraising. We can not provide this service without the funds to do it.

“Give $3 to live Free!” is a campaign that we are currently embarking on. We are in the Process of reaching out to 1 Million people for a Donation of $3.

We are also entering those who are willing to donate $25 or More into our Electric Car Raffle. $100 buys 6 tickets- Please see details Here.

We want to help those in Mississippi who want to live more sustainably. If interested, please help us help Mississippi. Thanks for your support!