Move Beyond The Grid


Our mission is to help provide sustainable living solutions for Mississippi’s low and middle income public. Below is a list of current programs that we will provide assistance for.


Solar Power

What is Solar Power? Simply put, solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Solar power is not just for calculators anymore. It is being used to provide energy to homes, businesses, and even the space station! Our sun provides all the power we need to exist upon planet Earth.

Many industrialized nations have installed solar power capacity into their grids, and many less developed nations are using solar power to offset the cost of fossil fuel energy. With such rapidly advancing changes in technology, solar energy has become more efficient and more popular among homeowners.

Solar power systems are created either directly (using photovoltaics/PVs) or indirectly (using concentrated solar power). A PV system is the most common solar energy system for homes because it uses solar panels installed on rooftops or on an array built on the ground.

There are different configurations for solar energy installation, and anyone interested in installing solar should consult a solar expert for a home and energy needs assessment. One example is a grid-tie system. This allows the homeowner to use solar during the day, and the system automatically switches to the electrical grid at night. Any energy surplus is fed into the grid, and some energy companies actually pay the homeowner for the surplus.

Tax credits for solar energy systems are available at 30% until December 31, 2019.

For more information on Solar Power and tax credits visit Planning a home solar electric system

Our focus is to assist Mississippi residents who want to make the change over to Solar Power.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Most new appliances today are Energy Star marked. This means, whenever you purchase an appliance, if the product has the Energy Star logo on it, then the product generally uses 20-30% less energy than that required by federal standards. A federal tax credit at 30% is available until December 31, 2019.

Unfortunately, many people are still using older appliances. Our focus is to assist Mississippi residents in obtaining appliances that are energy efficient.

For more information on the Energy Star program including Federal Tax credits visit


Energy Efficient Windows

Changing out your windows to energy efficient windows is one of the best ways to conserve heating, cooling, and lighting costs, as well as reduce the cost of the HVAC load itself. There are several energy efficient window companies, and anyone wanting to replace their window will need an expert on energy efficient windows to perform an evaluation of the home.

Unfortunately, Federal Tax Credits for energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights expired in 2016.

For more information about energy efficient windows as well as tips to help improve the efficiency of your current windows visit Energy Efficient Windows

Our focus is to assist Mississippi residents in obtaining windows that are energy efficient.

Tiny Homes

As living costs have risen, tiny houses seem to be on the rise as well! Not only are there numerous building plans to choose from, but these great little homes offer endless energy efficient solutions.

Our focus is to create a tiny house neighborhood in the Jackson, MS area.

More to come on this project!

Clean Water Filtration

The subject of clean water across the US has become a hot topic. This crisis is not just limited to Flint, MI. We are seeing more and more of our water infrastructures contaminated, Jackson MS being one city among hundreds.

Private drinking water wells, Rain water filters, and Pond water filters are becoming more popular.

For information on keeping a private drinking water well clean visit Private Drinking Water Wells

For information on in-home use water filters, we recommend

Our focus is to assist Mississippi residents with a better/sustainable solution for clean water.

Food Gardening Education

What better way to be more sustainable than to grow your own food. There’s just something about getting your hands dirty and working with nature to allow it do what it does best- sustain you!

Our focus is to assist Mississippi residents in becoming more sustainable through growing food.

More to come on this project!