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How you can help

Like all non-profits, we can not function without donations. As of now, we are in the process of seeking and applying for grants. We are looking for donors interested in helping others move towards a more sustainable lifestyle- for humanity, and/or the planet as well.

Until we have funding, we can not embark upon any projects to help our fellow Mississippians.

Once we have sufficient donations and knowledge of events to attend, we will list those events for volunteers. Eventually, I hope to create an internship program once we have actual projects lined up- particularly in the areas of solar, gardening, and our tiny house project. This should be an exciting journey! But, we do need help. Unfortunately, it takes monetary means to reduce our dependency on money.

So, we are looking for any information on grants, donors, fundraisers, fairs where we can set up a booth, marketing ideas, etc. If you have any information then please fill out our contact form. If you can help by donating, then please use the Donate Now button. Any and all help is appreciated.