Move Beyond The Grid

Register for a chance to win an all new, all electric 2017 Nissan Leaf Hatchback.

For questions regarding the vehicle, please visit Nissan at:

 Nissan Leaf


All taxes at purchase, including sales and withholding taxes are paid by Move Beyond the Grid (following IRS guidelines) as part of the prize award. The winner will be required to sign all IRS and Mississippi tax documentation.

The name of the winner will be drawn once Move Beyond the Grid’s initial donation goal of $100,000 is met. The winner will be announced no later than 5pm during business hours. The winner will be contacted by phone, email, or address. So, please be sure the contact information provided is correct. If contact information needs to be updated or changed, please contact Move Beyond the Grid via the contact form on our website.

There is no limit as to how many times a person may donate for a chance to win.


  1. Void where prohibited by law.
  2. At the time of ticket purchase you must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. All checks for the individual entrants must be payable in U.S. funds only. Please do not combine checks for purchases of tickets by primary and associate members. Please do not combine checks for purchase of tickets with membership dues. Checks should be made payable to MOVE BEYOND THE GRID.
  4. Prizes subject to availability. Move Beyond the Grid reserves the right to substitute a cash prize and/or Nissan model of equal value.
  5. Prizes will be issued only to the name listed in our donation file. Winning entries cannot be assigned, transferred, or sold.
  6. Members of Move Beyond the Grid, paid employees, contractors, and consultants of the Move Beyond the Grid, their immediate families and/or household may not participate in the “Electric Car Giveaway”.
  7. The actual prize drawing will take place in Mississippi following the conclusion of our donation goal.
  8. Proceeds of the “Electric Car Giveaway” are used to offset the program-related expenses of Move Beyond the Grid.
  9. Requests for tickets, sent by mail, must be submitted on the official form. Entries may also be submitted online at Donorbox
  10. All donations (including checks) received after the official close of “Electric Car Giveaway” will not be included in the drawing.
  11. Move Beyond the Grid cannot accept entry requests over the phone.