Move Beyond The Grid

About Us

Believing in the value of sustainable living, our focus is to improve quality of life and conservation of the planet by providing sustainable living solutions for Mississippi's Public (low and middle income) through: solar power, energy efficient appliances, windows, tiny homes, clean water filtration systems, food gardening education, and overall sustainability/conservation education.

How it all began

After the 2008 market crash, we watched as people all across the US lost their homes, jobs, and retirements- including members of our own family. It didn’t take long for us to shift our focus in our personal lives- from that of material and monetary means to a more sustainable lifestyle. Slowly over the past few years, we’ve changed our entire lives to living more organically, by growing our own food, utilizing solar, harvesting rain water, and seeking more local when buying items. We still have a long way to go- to become completely off the grid…but, we will get there…with determination.

In 2017 we decided to form a non-profit to help others move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We want to start here at home, in our state of Mississippi, and we know that we can’t wait on governments or corporations to do it for us. It’s past time…let’s “move beyond the grid”!

We hope anyone reading this will be inspired to either embark upon such a journey or help others by donating to our cause or to any sustainable living project.

Sincerely, Gypsie and Austin Cannon